Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I Have My Letter Sorted Now For Unauthorised Use Of My Images

I Have My Letter Sorted Now For Unauthorised Use Of My Images, all I need do now is collate all my evidence and send it out to the offending websites, 2 friends helped me compile my letter one has a degree in Business Law and the other is a Business consultant, they are going to get the shock of their lives when they receive the letters and invoices for the use of said images


whiteflyer said...

Don't forget to offer them a usage licence, so they can still use the images after they have paid for them again.

Dave F Barker said...

Thanks Mark

Thats covered in my letter, I sent my draft to Russell and he added that part for me

Unknown said...

Copyright infringement is so widespread it almost makes one not want to share their photographs on line. I look forward to hearing how your letter is received. Thanks for visiting my photography blog, as for the water shot it was taken from a raised viewing platform on the side of the river.

Dave F Barker said...

Thanks Nita, I'll keep you all posted on what becomes of my letters