Monday, 4 July 2011

TalkPhotography™ Day 2011 Dilemma


As you know if you have been reading my blog it was TalkPhotography™ Day 2011 on Saturday, Clicky linky to talkphotography.

Im in a dilemma of which image to post for my submission, they are completely different subject one a landscape and the other a macro, which would you choose from below? TIA


Straw Bales Coppull Nr Chorley Lancashire


Coloured Pencil Water Droplet



Knikki said...

Soory I deleted the last comment because as usual my grammer/spelling was really bad LOL

Anyway I would choose the Macro shot for the TP day. Why? becuase as it was a nice weekend then I bet there will be a fair few Landscape shot fo the TP day.

Dave F Barker said...

Thanks very much Knikki, for your reply, that really makes sense good thinking, Brilliant thanks again,

I have recently started to follow your blog its very interesting, look forward to reading more


IamthatIam publishing... said...

THIS is really cool! I love it!

Dave F Barker said...

Thanks very much IamthatIam, pleased you like them