Saturday, 2 July 2011

More Stolen Images Found

Ive found 37 of my images that have been stolen now, its beyond a joke, its a full time job finding out contact emails, many of the sites are Commercial  travel, travel agents, sports, although I dont do sports so why they used my images I no ideas, newspapers, fruit merchants, and many more, I even found one that someone had used it for a diploma course in the USA, and now their website they are professional wedding and portrait photographers, all making money by using my images, thats just wrong, thats besides the multitude of blogs Ive found using my images,

Ive spent all afternoon and night yesterday, most of the morning and nearly all afternoon today and probably tonight as well, I think I'll need to take an assistant soon

How to search find the image you want to search for, in a new window, then from a separate window click google then Image, drag your image into the search bar and off google goes looking for images that match yours, see image below



John said...

Interesting tool, I note one of the pics of mine I checked was on a website, but only a thumbnail, and linked to my flickr page.

Dave F Barker said...

Yes John this is a wide spread problem most images seem to be nicked from flickr but Ive had them nicked from my website and are being used by commercial site , so basically they are using my images to sell their products, I aint standing for that, hey my camera and lenses and tripod filters all peripherals weren't given to me free,I had to buy them,

Ive found another image that I pained thousands of pounds to go and see,and a lot of trekking through rain forests up climbing up mountains and into a cave to get a shot of and tonight Ive found it being used illegally used on a music site. as an album cover, urm first thing I want to know is how successful is the album, and how many sales have been made, and whom are the sales by as my invoice will reflect the rather large invoices to each and everyone of them, Im going to send them


IamthatIam publishing... said...

oh goodness, I don't know if I want to know - people are ruthless. Thank you for the tip, I might do this, though I can see utmost be a huge amount of work at the start.

Dave F Barker said...

haks IamthatIam, its wide spread image theft, why should they make cash from our hard work