Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ladybird Just Before Take Off

Today, I met up with Gary and John we went to Birkacre Yarrow Valley Chorley Lancashire, Gary had never been before and was overjoyed with the whole place, we only covered a small amount of the reserve, from the visitor centre to the weir then on to primrose hill, we had a fascinating time watching the ladybirds, I got this shot, I was trying to get an in flight shot, I managed to get this shot just before take off, and a very nice shot of a buttercup LOL

Gary loved the weir, where I gave him a masterclass in composition. Im looking forward to seeing his resulting shots,  All in all  a very pleasant afternoon out

Ladybird Just Before Take Off Birkacre Yarrow Valley Chorley Lancashire

Thanks for looking


John said...

It's a great shot, love the pose :-) also, the background blur is a nice arty mix of colour.

Dave F Barker said...

Thank you very muchly John :)